Science Slam

Science Slam

GFFA 2023 Science Slam

The GFFA Science Slam will take place at the GFFA in the BMEL-Hall 23a during the International Green Week (IGW) on 20 January 2023.

Within the topic “Transformation of global food systems”, five slammers will give a ten-minute presentation of their research subject in English – this time live on stage in Berlin!

Our GFFA Science Slam is a competition in which presenters get the opportunity to introduce their scientific research topic. The main aim is to communicate scientific concepts to a mixed, technically interested, but predominantly non-scientist audience. The focus will not be as much on competition as on communication of a specialist topic in a way that stimulates discussion and on interactions between the presenter and the audience.

The international and intercultural audience of the GFFA Science Slam is composed of members of industry, academia, politics and the public who are interested in agriculture and food issues. After the slam presentations, the audience rates these presentations in the form of an online vote. Not only the scientific contents but also the comprehensibility and the entertainment value of the presentations will be rated. The slammer with the highest audience rating receives a prize at the end of the event.

If you are interested in participating in the GFFA Science Slam, you can apply here. Upon your successful application, accommodation and travel expenses will be covered.

Application form

We are looking forward to creative and innovative applications from around the world!

Background paper on the topic “Food Systems Transformation: A Worldwide Response to Multiple Crises”

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We wish you every success!

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