Young Farmers’ Forum

Young Farmers’ Forum

The International Young Farmers’ Forum

The International Young Farmers’ Forum provides a platform for around 20 young farmers from all continents to exchange ideas and make the concerns of the young generation heard on an international level. They are a significant enrichment for the GFFA, as they can actively contribute their experience from their own farms or their work in national farming organizations. They are the critical shapers of tomorrow’s global food supply. In the Young Farmers Forum, young farmers intensively exchange their experiences and elaborate on their own declaration on the topic of the GFFA, which contains their demands with respect to agricultural policy. Two members of the group will present the declaration at the Conference of Ministers of Agriculture on 21 January 2023.

The event is exclusively for invited young farmers and is therefore not open to the public. Participants are selected jointly with the World Farmers Federation (WFO).

Young Farmers 2022

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