Solving the Great Food Puzzle: 20 levers to scale national level action

WWF International

Time: Friday, 20. January 2023, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Languages: English, German


A growing body of evidence suggests that significant changes to the global food system are needed to meet climate goals, reduce biodiversity loss, and ensure optimal human health for all. Shifting to healthy diets, reducing food loss and waste, and nature positive food production are often cited as key actions to transform food systems. At the global scale, there is considerable evidence that these strategies, when combined, are enough to feed at least 10 billion people healthy diets while keeping global warming to 1.5C and restoring biodiversity. Less attention has been paid, however, to how these actions might play out at the national level and whether these actions always achieve win-win outcomes. In this side event we will explore the place-based nature of food system transformation and what strategies may be more effective and hold greater relevance in certain countries than others. An improved understanding of the country-specific nature of food system transformation will help identify key actions that work within and across countries so that we can exponentially accelerate action at the national level.
1. To explore the place-based nature of food system transformation using a handful of national level case studies and food system types.
2. To examine how 20 transformation levers are important across all countries but will have varying degrees of potential for transformation depending on food system type.
3. To establish collaboration and connect the dots between governments and organizations to scale impact at the national level.

Panel Guests

Panel guests will be announced soon.

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